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Healthcare problems | limit for good

Healthcare problems | limit for good


We expect a healthy life throughout life but never take steps for healthcare. I always see a lot of videos on youtube channels and on television about health tips. I will try all steps to make my health better. One day when I went to the washroom after eating in a hotel, a man was brushing his teeth, he advised me to brush after all the meals. Later even I tried to do the same in my routine. One day I had a very pain in teeth and when to the doctor to check. She asked about my brushing. I said all the stories to her, finally, she said never do a good thing too much, even the good things also can lead you to bad when it is excess.


Everyone knows the good side of the water. Even water has the villan side. When something goes excess it will make some problem in the body in the same way this h20 also make a huge problem without knowing to ourself. We should drink water when it is thirsty. If we offer drink water it will create problems like skin problems, digestion, etc… 

Drink water in a limit !!


We love many packs, not a biscuit pack, I came to say six-pack and eight-packs. People make more effort and bring the packs in the body but these packs make a large impact on the body. Do exercise less, according to your body condition. We should not strain the body too much.

Live healthy with good muscles.

Nutrition tablets:

These tablets are good when doctors permit us to take them. Never go for nutrition tablets with the advice of friends or family. We don’t know the power of the tablet and what impacts it makes on the body. Always make nutrition tablets according to doctor’s advice. 

Eat good, be aware of friends!! 


According to me sleeping on the Saturday and Sunday is my favorite. Bad luck I think it is also a bad habit and it will also affect the brain very much compared to other things which affect us. It is mainly for the people who work in IT. these people mostly make a play to sleep on weekend days.

No plastics boys, and girls:

Never store any food products and water in plastic. Its likes to carry your favorite poison with you. Food changes to poison when we store it in the plastic.

It is a slow poison because it brings a lot of problems to the body and finally it will make whole damage to the body.

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