Imperfect me to perfectionist how?

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Imperfect me to perfectionist how?

What is perfection?

In my view, perfection is doing everything at that particular time itself. For example, we need to complete a project, given a period of five days, what usually I do is, I will take or see the detail of the project on the fifth day. Completing within a period is perfection, I believe, when viewing the only factor “time.” If we see the other factors like quality and quantity, the perfection definition will change according to the aspects. Many people believe that perfection is on time. No, there are other factors too. I think everyone doesn’t need a definition of imperfection.

Imperfect me!!

The never wanted to be perfect men. I always do everything imperfect. When my family and friends are excellent but I was the only odd person. I don’t believe that perfection will change us. Imperfection was not a big deal. Even after days passed slowly I was learning to do work at a particular time. Even though I do all the things in a specific time I will not follow or be at the correct time. It was my habit from my college days. When days pass everything was going wrong. How much ever I put effort because of my imperfectness, I lost all my skills and talents.



Why transformation?

I never wanted to be a perfect man but I realized perfection is one of the important factors to shine out as unique. My dad always speaks to me about perfectness but I never show interest in that but once I faced a lot of problems because of my imperfectness I learned how to be perfect. Nowadays people expect only perfection in everything. I slowly started to develop it. I really was confused about how to develop this skill because I was the person who said it was not a big deal but when I tried to be a perfect man it was the hardest job ever I did in my life. I saw all the military men differently when I came to know the value of perfection. I have lost a number of flights and trains because of my imperfection. Even funniest this is that I have felt my lunch box more than 1000 times at home. Sometimes my whole family will wait for me because I was late to get ready. Imperfection thought me new skill laziness. Actually, I don’t what to be perfect but also I don’t like to be lazy. I started to hate myself. Laziness was the main reason for my change. 

What to do,  to change?

Learn the real value of perfection.

Never pass the time unwantedly.

Wake up early morning.

Self-control is very important.

Do everything before the given date.

Don’t spend time, use the time 

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