Invest money | Plan | 2020

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Invest money | 2020

A small sheet of paper that decides everyone’s future. The money is everything, it is also a kind of addiction. The whole world is addicted to the paper which is given more value and time. Our goals are taken in the wrong direction. We all study and earn not to have the money with us all the time. Our overall goal should be happy but when the time passes we all have changed our preference to money than happiness because money decides happiness people believe, to some extent it also real.

A small idea that I think all the time when I think about the money.

If you know the value of money you will save it, don’t know you will spend it, but if you know how to multiply it then definitely you will invest in it.

The idea of saving money is good up to some extent. Saving money is never considered as a profit. A profit happens only when you invest something from something you earned (not the saving money). The saved money can be used when you want it but you will not gain profit in it. A small paper and a paper with printed as money have a difference in the same way the investing and saving have a lot of difference in it. So never try to save money, invest money, only when you wanted to be a good businessman. A self-satisfied man never wanted to be a businessman so this concept cannot too good for the self-satisfied man.

Investment is the only way to earn?

No, Investment is done on something not to earn, it is made to multiple the money. Only the investment can bring you a huge profit. Every successful businessman will follow the rule of earn, earn, and earn, finally invest everything.

Imagine and see:

A small $ 1 baby is giving birth to twins $ 2.  This is the idea of the overall article. If you think you want your money to give birth to the other children of it, then definitely you have to invest the money.


A man was living in a city. He is the richest person in that city. He is helping all the people by giving free money to them. Everyone was very surprised that how he alone is being rich and give money for free. he is being rich even after spending lavishly. People don’t understand it. One day a man with a lot of doubt he asked the richest man, how to earn a lot of money. the richest man gave a job in his shop. That man was earning a lot and spent all the amount. The richest man asked what did you do with the money and this man was saying all the activities he did with the home. The richest person said him to invest the money on something. That man invested the amount on gold and lost everything. Finally, the richest person said to invest the money in the area which you know very well. Your invested money will multiply and give more amount of profit.

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