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Motivate our-self


Motivation is the only choice for a significant change in your life. Everyone in this world will speak something about you. You should have done like this or like that. This kind of advice can come every day. We should not turn our eyes towards someone because he advises. We need to think a lot before we get input for someone. Never allow a third person to involve in your kinds of stuff. People can change your thoughts. They change our total track. Some people’s variety of pieces of advice looks like a useful input, but always remember one thing no one can be good enough to you other than yourself. 

My motive is not to make yourself think like, don’t even get or take the advice of others. Turn your eyes only to the user inputs, which is very useful. Never allow the harmful contents inside the brain. Try to do this, Controle all delete!!.

Always try to prove yourself more than the outside world because it gives a lot of confidence to yourself. Run with anger like a lion search for water in a desert. Make yourself a higher priority in all the places, don’t forget your heart !!. 

Motivate yourself to motivate :

Always remember the rule of nature, but don’t blindly think you cannot do it. When someones say you cannot live without tea, try to prove yourself and to him that you can live, but if anyone asks, show me that humans can travel in space without the spacesuit. Don’t believe in that supernatural powers. 

In life, never forget the hard situation you faced. Always remember the day you lived without your love (most loved life). People near you can forget the past, but you should not. Play with struggles, but don’t fight with battles. 

How to motivate?

Do what you love.

Daily read inspirational stories.

Walk with thousand thoughts.

Live happily.

Self-satisfaction, life is essential.

Prove yourself.

Daily learn a new skill.

Fight with your skill. 

Dance a lot with problems.

Have a cup of tea with Mr. x (battle)


Never reduce your power and standard for anyone in this world. The more you happy, the more your heart takes you to the most joyous life. You’re not a lion in your kingdom. You are king for all others who fight with you every day. Fight with people in your style. 

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