what is Anger ? | avoid anger | show anger

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what is Anger? | avoid anger | show anger 

What is anger? 

Anger is a kind of pressure, which makes us act stupid. When we are angry our brain thinks in a narrow direction like horse eyes. Objects around us or nearby us we won’t care about it. Some people will get anger soon for a simple reason and some never show anger. People always think that happiness is matter but they don’t care about their anger.  Anger is the foremost reason for all the deceases. Never control anger. 

Anger is an press it can happen because of a small reason like a car horn. According to a survey, most of the working people get angry because of morning traffic. Family problems are a huge burden of anger for people. When we don’t get an expected result for the work, loan problems, relative’s problem, and even because of our look we get angry. 

Anger is like a volcano mountain. When it has a huge pressure inside, it will throw all its materials inside it, in the same way, the volcano will destroy itself. Humans cannot control the pressures we need a doctor to treat us and help us from the situation.

How we show our anger?

  • We show anger by scolding people with bad words.
  • We damage properties around us, sometimes we damage our-self.
  • Revenge is a well know of anger. It can be positive or negative revenge.

Everyone would have experienced this in life. We got angry for something and showed it in a huge manner to our loved one or our friends but finally, when we are in normal condition, we will realize that it is a huge mistake we did in our life. Never make a decision when your anger we know but never do anything when you are angry.

There is a famous word in Tamil : 

Tamil: ரௌத்திரம் பழகு 

We should learn to get angry but in a logical manner and for a good thing. For example, when something is wrong in the society we should get angry and show it in a positive manner. We can involve in protest.

குறள் 305:

தன்னைத்தான் காக்கின் சினங்காக்க காவாக்கால்

தன்னையே கொல்லுஞ் சினம்.

Meaning: A man should guard himself against angry or else it will kill him.

Anger is a very big weakness of humans on earth. Never think it as your strength. We cannot prove our-self with anger. People will not believe it. 

Show your anger later it is a beautiful manner of handling the angry. Move from the place where your anger pressure increase.  

Ask a kind sorry when your anger. It makes you a great man before everyone.

Never argue with someone when you are angry because sometimes your points may go wrong. 

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