Habits that affect the whole body

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Habits that affect the whole body


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We do a lot of activities in a day but some habits affect the human body.  Even positive speaking to yourself will affect your brain. When something crosses it’s limit, it will create a problem.  I want to make one thing clear that each part of the body is connected to the brain. Small bad habits will affect the whole body a lot.

Some habits that affect the whole body.

Screentime: We don’t have control over screen timing. Normally we spend at least 14 hours on the phone, tv, or other gadgets. When we use a phone or tv more than it needs it will affect the eyes. The brain is the second part effected by over screen timing. Never watch the screen untill you sleep. Take a rest for 30 minutes before sleeping.

What to do?

Take a break every 20 seconds. Take a look at the plants and other natural trees. Green plants and trees make us fresh and stress-free.

Overthinking: When you spend most of the time alone or when you wast time the brain will make us think something or it can lead us to do something even if it is bad. Our brain can do both good and bad but everything is about control. Thinking about the past makes us stress and scared about the future break our confidence. so, never think about the past and future, live your life today. Don’t speak to yourself more.

What to do?

The first thing to come out of overthinking is to stop thinking. From the name, itself answer is there (Overthinking). Don’t overthink but think when you need it. Keep yourself busier. Motivated yourself to do something which makes you happy.

Changing sleeping time: Normally our brain will have a time table for sleep. We sleep for 6 hours normally and some people 8 hours to the maximum. We should not change our sleeping hours. If we sleep for 6 hours daily it is good for health. You have trained your brain for sleeping 6 hours if you disturb it. It will create a lot of problems in your body. Never skip your few minutes of sleeping for the phone. Have a good sleep. Dreams are the signs of good sleep.

Skipping foods and water: Each human needs some amount of energy to work for the day. If we skip food or water we cannot work properly. Food and water give us 100% energy for a day. Never miss the morning breakfast.

Breathing less: We have very little oxygen going inside our brain because we spend our whole day inside our house or office. Take time to come out and take the fresh air. Take a long breath for reducing your stress. Long breath is very helpful in reducing anger.

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