How to develop leadership? | Be a leader not boss | 2020

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 How to develop leadership?


1.  Why humans worry about something?

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Everyone can be a player but the only few can be a leader. Leaders are unique from everyone. One who works for his team’s success. The person who guides and take his team to the correct place. Leaders are not born they are sculpted by themselves. Let’s see how to build leadership quality.  

How to develop leadership? | Be a leader not boss | 2020

How to develop leadership?

Inspire people:

People should get motivated by your work and words. Help your teammates with guidance and help when they needed it. Understand your teammates. Motivate them daily. Like they should get motivated by you and you should get motivated when you motivate teammates. Motivating is no easy, not everyone can do.

Be a listener:

There is a difference between a boss and a leader. The boss work for his development but the leader works for his team development. Leaders always listen more. It is not mean that all the spotlight should be on the leader. Listen to the people who give feedback and ideas. Work on feedbacks if you feel it is correct. Listeners and leaders should know that communication means not only the words, eye contact, and body language also a communication so, develop on it.

Solve conflicts:

A leader should not leave his team fighting with each other. Never behave like a boss to your teammates. Speak to the people involved in conflicts privately. Solve conflict before your teammates. Solve problems one by one.

Be a disciplined man:

This quality is not only for the leaders, everyone should behave in a disciplined manner. When your discipline, it looks like an effective leader. People will judge your capacity according to your discipline. Never leave discipline. It will make you reach success.

Know 90% of your overall works:

A leader should never depend on someone for his growth. Learn all the works. If you start a business learn about all the works in that business and involved in the works. Learn all the works. If you know the work only, you can lead the people.


These are some of the skills of leaders. Keep on updating yourself more. If  You started to do all the activities above, other skills will be automatically learned when the situation comes. These are some important skills of a leader. Be a leader and change the world.

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