How to start a day?

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 How to start a day?

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Wake up early with a lot of positivity or decline the alarm and sleep again. Life always has a lot of options to choose from. We always choose the easy way because the brain finds only the easy way for doing something. When you fail to make your morning best,  bad days are waiting to entertain you. So, never take morning so simple. The best start will give the best finishing.

Do you know?

Sometimes we again try to sleep after we wake up also. That 5 minutes or 10 minutes of sleeping will increase your stress. So after you wake up never take even 2 minutes for sleeping again.

Some morning activities make the best day:

Cut the morning alarm before it rings:

It will be hard for the beginners but try it daily. Definitely one day we can cut the alarm before it rings. It is a small activity which gives a lot of motivation. Sometimes if a bell rings while praying we feel it as a good sign. It gives 10 times more power than that.

Clean your bed:

The bed is the paradise for most of the people. we have a lot of problems but everything fly-away when we sleep in a bed. Respect the place and clean it.

Wash your mouth before drinking something:

Wash your mouth cleanly and drink lemon water. It will increase your mental and physical power.


For a peaceful start, do meditation. Read more on our website. Go to the search bar and type as yoga.


Stretch from top to down. Stretching can reduce your stress. Stretching is your first step for exercise. For the first one week start doing stretch and next week start doing exercise. Start the exercise with a warm-up, not a heavy workout.

Have sunlight:

Come out of the room and take a walk. Enjoy the morning with the sunlight and fresh air.

Read newspapers:

Keep yourself more updated. Newspapers can be read by everyone. It gives knowledge about society.

Make your goal for the day:

Make some list of goals that you’re going to do on that day. Complete everything. It gives fulfillment when we complete everything.


Day decides your happiness. When you start your day positive everything around you will be positive. Have an awesome day.


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