Success | Success is for the people who wait for it

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 Success | Success is for the people who wait for it


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The 20th century is like an instant coffee. Everything happens very fast. The poor man suddenly becomes rich. Everything happens fast, we don’t give time for anything. Everything is not real because the poor cannot suddenly become rich. Everyone has crossed a lot of problems. Everything takes some time. Success is for the people who wait for it.

We cannot grow super fast in one day. One thing we all need to understand is to wait for what you want. Many might have a doubt. Why do we need to wait and get it? It is not like waiting, it is time to develop yourself and to know the value of it. Just take a minute to think about it.   

Success | Success is for the people who wait for it

Don’t quit:

Sometimes whatever we do, we cannot reach success. Most of the people will leave what they are doing and change their path to something else. Many days we may feel so bad but each bad day makes you strongly believe in it. Never change your path because you may lose your biggest gift. If you quit, definitely you will feel sad about it in the future.

How to motivate?

Motivate yourself daily. If you suddenly see a lot of motivational videos on a day when you feel so low, that time it cannot motivate you. You should train your brain daily. When you feel low, your brain should automatically motivate you. When motivation happens naturally it will help you to reach huge success. No one will believe you other than yourself. Never leave your self-belief.

Waiting is really like hell. We are made to feel like it.   

Try again new:

All your success is based on try. When you lost everything, try again. One day all your effort will make you successful. you can forget to eat but not to try for what you want.  Try untill you die.

Love it:

Waiting is to love it deeply. When you love what you want, it will definitely reach you. Love it and know it’s value.  

What’s funny about waiting?

we will do a lot of hard work to achieve success. We may cross a lot of comments and depression.  When you think about it in the future, sometimes we laugh about it and will think about why we acted so serious about it.


Throw the instant coffee and try to make some lemon tea. Prepare lemon tea with a lot of love for it. Wait untill it gets ready. The final outcome will make your morning fresh. Waiting for dreams will bring a real feeling of success and happiness.

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Definitely, you will reach what you are waiting for.

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