How to take rest peacefully? | why we need and mistake in rest |

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 How to take rest peacefully?


Everyone in this world has 24 hours to do whatever he or she wants. We maximum spend our time at work and forget about the rest. Some people work very hard, they don’t take rest. Few people take rest for their whole life and few don’t utilize the rest properly. If you come under any of this category then this article is for you.

Why humans need rest?

The human body has 100% energy in the morning. When time passes the energy level will reduce slowly. When energy gets reduce, our efficiency of work will be reduced. For example, on a normal day, we have a level of rest. In all the institution we have morning and evening break to fresh ourself. So rest make our brain free and make it fresh.

We need to take rest to work again. The human cannot work without break. Humans can live without food and water for one month but without rest, humans cannot live. Rest is so much important to live and be happy.

Rest gives motivation. We feel more energetic after the rest so it motivates us to complete work efficiently. Test yourself. Read for 10 hours without rest and with rest. When you do work without rest there will be no quality and efficiency in the work but when you take rest we can do it more efficiently.

How to take rest peacefully? | why we need and mistake in rest |

The mistakes in taking rest:

First category: Some people work very hard at their young age and take a huge rest at their old age. If this is your plan. Please don’t do it. Why most people are sick in old age is because of having a thought like let’s work at a young age and take rest in old age. This idea is good but when you are young we should take rest at the correct time. Rest and health matters first. Success will definitely reach you when you are working hard. Mental and physical problems reach you when you don’t take rest.

Mental rest and physical rest:

When we work in a desk job. We don’t put more physical work but our mental health will affect so we need a mental rest. Hear your favorite song it will help you to come out of it. Do want you like that will make you come out of mental problems.

When we work hard in the field we need physical rest. Normally all humans need physical rest. This physical rest can solve both mental and physical problems.

Second category: People who don’t even care about anything. This is the most dangerous category because the human body has no work in this place. So never take rest at all the time. Physically and mentally problems can easily attack these categories of people.

What to do? Do activities that make your brain active. Play games outside. Keep your brain active and do more physical activity.

Third category: People who don’t utilize the rest properly. Never take your phone in rest time until it is important. We usually use phones all the time but even at the rest time, if we use phones it will make a restless feeling in the brain. Rest means the brain should not involve in any activity which makes it think.

What to do? Plan for the rest time. Make a plan of what we should do at rest time. Never use phones and other gadgets.


The rest is so simple we think, but many people in the world are affected by sleeping problems. Next time when you have break time, do what your heart says. Make your heart happy. It will make your whole body fresh and happy. We need a peaceful life, not a restless life.  

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