Motivate people to use plastics less | Data and information about plastics | 2020 plastic world

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Motivate people to minimize the use of plastics  

No one had thought plastic will play a major role in the world. We use plastics as an alternative for everything. I think we cannot imagine a world without plastic and the government asking people to dream like that. Plastics are artificial it is harmful to humans and animals but why we cannot ban it permanently?

The whole world produces 7.8 billion tonnes of plastic per day and how it possible to reduce plastics. Plastics are useful all the way but when it crosses the limit it cannot be reduced. Earth can receive 90% of sunlight in a few years because of global warming but some country’s government hide it from the public. 

We don’t even care about global warming because of distraction and daily works. When someone creates very big content about global warming we watch it and share it with friends and family but when something interesting about media and movies published we totally forget about global warming.  

Motivate people to use plastics less | Data and information about plastics | 2020 plastic world

Governments divert the people from the important aspect to the unwanted gossips of media. The saddest truth is we still make the same mistake. We start a protest and fight for the need but suddenly when another problem happens we diverted to it and we don’t find answers for the first one. So we need to solve the problems one by one.  

Next time don’t give more importance to media and cinema. We know that the overall world production of plastic is 7.8 billion tonnes. 5.25 trillion plastic is in the ocean. Every day 10 to 20  birds die because of plastic in each country. The most dangerous information is that 8 million plastics make their way into the ocean each day.

China with the largest population manufactures the largest amount of plastics in the world. Even humans consume plastics unknowingly and some knowingly. Humans consume at least around 39,000 to 52,000 microplastics each year. These are more important data that help you to understand how that world is fighting with plastics. 

so, no plastic environment is impossible untill we transfer all the wast to the nearby planets. Next time when you use or burn plastic, think that you’re damaging millions of people’s life. Use alternatives for plastics. 

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