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 Motivation sheet | Four | writers view


Follow what heart says:

Life is most beautiful than what we dream. We can feel the beauties of life only when you do what you love the most. Everything takes time to reach you so, never feel low when you cannot reach what you expect. Earn for living, do what you love for happiness. Everyone follows the wrong ideas. Never think of money as your success insisted to change happiness as your success.

Every day we earn and do a lot of things to live a happy life so happiness is called success. Love to work, don’t work to earn. When you get happiness in your work it will take you to the greatest places. When you don’t love your work, professional life and personal life will be horrible. Make your love as a profession.  

A lot of struggles:

Struggles are positive waves that take you to the center of success like how the large waves take humans or plastics to the center of the ocean. Take rest only when you have done, not in the middle. One sad day can change your whole life. one day can kill you also. Emotions and feelings have high powers.  When you lost everything in your life, no problem lets start from first because we don’t have anything to lose anymore so, try untill the death day.

We got Only one beautiful lifetime, please don’t wast it. No one has the guts to solve the problems they face insisted we run away from the problems. Problems can change day to day but your efforts and hard work can solve all the problems. How many problems you solve, that much you are growing up and up. Never run away insisted make your problem run away from you.

Whatever happens to you, it is only because of your decisions.

Accepting the mistake is the greatest quality. If it is bad or good everything is because of you only. Many can influence your decision but you are the only ones who take the final decision. So, next time don’t think it as like it is not your mistake. Accept the mistake and grow from the mistakes.

When you understand the depth of these lines. We don’t make a wrong decision in life. one wrong word can bring a bad image to your name. It is hard to maintain a good name but it takes only a few seconds to broke it.



I write all these articles to make you think of these things for a few minutes. I respect everyone and I know, many know about these things already but I make you think, that’s all is my work. Love you all who support me till now.

Thank you


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