Problem solving techniques and learnings | skills of problems solving


Problem solving techniques and learnings | skills of problems solving 

Sometimes we, again and again, face the same problem in our life. Every time we think about the problems. We should learn and analyze the problems insisted we try to solve it with something at that time which is helpful. Learning is the most important part of problem solving.

We think about how to solve the problems, it is the normal first action that everyone does but if the same problem, again and again, happens to you. Then it means that you have not corrected your mistakes. In the first action, we should analyze the problems from top to bottom and learn lessons from that, finally take needed actions to solve the problem.

For example, If you are facing a financial problem again and again it means that you still did not learn the concept properly about how these problems happen. Everyone uses toothpaste to brush teeth. We believe that toothpaste is killing the germs but it actually colors the teeth. So, the problems are not solved, It is becoming big.

Problem solving techniques and learnings | skills of problems solving

I want to make one point clear that learning is important and implementing it is very important in life. we normally do, two things when a problem occurs in life, one we try to hide and forget, second solving it in a more complicated way and not learning anything from that. So both the ways are useless.

It is not God who decides your action and your responsibilities for everything that happens in your life.  it is you who is 100% responsible for your life. Never take a decision which only solves your problem. Think about what is good for you and solve the problems. Never runaways from the problems when it happens again and again. All we need is the fighting quality in our life.

Solving the problems is very easy but you should not create a new problem to solve the old problems. For example, if you want to pay a loan amount immediately, so your lending money with the highest interest rate. This is actually your creating one more problem. Never make too many mistakes in life. when you cannot solve the problems your total self confidence level will break.

Problems happen to change us. Everyone has a lot of problems but a person who learns and changes himself is successful in life. It is not that you are alone facing a lot of problems, you did not learn properly what life teaches you. Success and failures are part of life so learn from mistakes it makes your success knock on your doorbells.

Learning is everything that changes the world.


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