Depression is not what you think

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How many of you have used the word depression frequently? Ask yourself. Why because you are not in depression but you are pushing yourself into depression without knowing by saying it frequently. Before few years we used the world sad but now we have changed it into depression. There is so much difference between sad and depressed. 

Depression is a slow process going through a negative world that makes you think there is no reason to live. So my humble request will be, never use the word depression. No matter what life has !! it may be good or bad take it in a positive way and live life.

Spread love and be loved

Depression is like a soul without a body. So never give your body to it. When my phone started to control me I lost control over everything. There are a lot and a lot of things ready to make you fall into depression but you have to fight for happiness. 

When you start to accept everything that the universe gives then your the most positive person. I want to write this article why because I heard small children saying depressed and I am not able to understand how can this happen to them. Let's stop the virtual screen and see the original screen which is the real way to happiness.

Live happily :)

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